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Main Challenges Faced While Maintaining Seasonal Tilt Solar Power Plants

Maintaining Seasonal Tilt Solar Power Plants

Module cleaning challenges:

When modules are tilted to near zero angles the water will not trickle down due to the low gradient. Here comes our expert analytical team which provides cost-effective techniques to make sure that all the dirt and accumulated water is cleared off the module.

Hydraulic/Mechanical Jack:

Use of modern yet economical techniques like hydraulic jacks or mechanical Jacks so that the chances of module breakages can be minimized or eliminated while doing seasonal tilt along with the reduction in the number of laborers making the entire process of tilting safe, timely and cost-effective.

Due Diligence for precise tilt angle and start of seasonal tilt activities:

The tilt work is generally planned for not more than 30 days from an identified date during the season. It can be further varied up to a few days before or after as suggested by the expert analytical team from Avi Solar Energy for an optimal generation.

String breakage during annual tilt work:

This usually happens if Y connectors are used. Avi Solar Energy has expert engineers capable of solving such issues mainly due to a robust process orientation and their vast experience.

Minimal Ground Clearance during higher tilt angle:

Mainly grass levels are to be maintained at minimal levels else there are chances of this impacting generation mainly due to string level faults or overgrown grass causing shadow effects.

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